Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ayodhya - Ram Janmabhoomi Case

The verdict is out in the Ram Janmabhoomi Case, Allahabad High Court Bench has decided Ramjanmabhoomi Nyas, Sunni Wakf Board and Nimrohi Akhara as party in the ownership of land and divided it amongst them. The verdict has been a victory for the liberal democracy propounded by our Constitution. Debates and verdicts like this - and the NYC mosque - can come up only in liberal democracies like India and US. In nations like Saudi Arabia there will never even be a debate about such issues. For that and for the verdict having passed out peacefully in the entire nation, we all Indians deserve credit.

Now the next step will certainly be the building of a grand temple at the site, if the Sunni Wakf board doesnt appeal in the Supreme Court against the HC decision.

What should be taken into consideration that a Grand and functioning Mosque will also come up at the site on the land awarded to the Sunni Wakf Board where the non-functioning mosque was demolished. After having dealt a sensitive issue with patience, we should be careful not to make the place an epitome of oneupmanship.

Hope there would not be a contest amongst the temple and mosque designs to make one 'more Grand', 'more magnificent' than the other.
Hope there would not be a contest to make the minar and shikhars taller than each other.
Hope there would not be a contest on the decibel levels emanating from prayers from each shrine.
Hope the approach road to the site is made a little more logically accessible.
Hope devotees visiting the shrines are careful enough to have better civic sense.
Hope after another 60 years, history records the site as a once disputed but no longer contentious piece of land.

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