Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Globalisation: What it has brought to us and us to?

Globalisation was a term much dreaded by the middle class folks and was introduced by our current PM and then FM Manmohan Singh in the early 1990's.

He is credited with opening up the economy and is regularly lauded by Congressie sycophants. Although it brought about a huge change in the way India was seen as a market by the world, it was more of a compulsion than a choice.

India did not have enough Foreign Exchange to survive for another 15 days and ONGC had famously not bid for a contract in the Far-East since the government could not lend $7000/- as the bidding fees.

Under these circumstances the IMF had put conditions for India to open up before asking for any loans. India got loans and then had to open up.

It brought a change and change is always uncomfortable for humans.

Globalisation has definitely opened up more avenues than our earlier generations had. The feeling is summed up in the statement that 'I am doing what my father would not even had dreamt of'. This is more or less applicable to every successful person in India today.

What our earlier generation did at the age we are today, is quite different from what we are doing and quite possibly, they may not even had dreamt of a lifestyle like ours.

But then we are counting upon a little percentage of been-there-done-that's. There is a heap of talent unsourced. A good 25% of India which is below the age of 25 years and has its own aspirations. Oppurtunities for all of those is very important or we are sitting on a time-bomb of criminalisation of society.

The trickle down effect, that was so widely believed would happen, has just been busted. The wealth from the top just does not seep until the bottom.

It was advocated that the market economy would make rich people gain wealth, which would be distributed locally which would make prosperity reach the rural part of India.

But when we think of this, another event is reminded when Mukesh Ambani led Reliance had made huge profits owing to the high oil price which had driven profits to the petroleum products made by his group.

Mukesh Ambani had visited the PM and Congress President Sonia Gandhi in relation to a constitutionally valid tax that he was supposed to pay. It was called a Windfall Profit Tax which a businessman has to pay in lieu of a humongous profit acquired by his organisation. Ambani had made a request to relax that tax.

What happened to his request, the media did not highlight nor was reported anywhere. But if we are allowing businessmen to pay lesser tax, then what is the use of the whole trickle down theory?

We are breeding terrorists in the form of Naxalites and Maoists. The have-nots in India are far more in percentage than the 'have's'.

No wonder we had 28% people below poverty line in 1991, now we have 38%

Praful Patel takes over as AIFF President

OK, first the news...

Poor Priyaranjan Dasmunshi, the multi-time Congress MP suffered a heart attack and is recuperating in a hospital in Delhi. My thoughts are with his family and I pray for his fast recovery. Praful Patel, ex-vicepresident and the current acting-president has taken over the responsibility of taking 'care' of football in India.

Now the issue to be discussed.

Priyaranjan Dasmunshi presided over All India Football Federation as President since 1988. That is before none of the under-19 footballers were born. Although, I feel bad for his family concerning his health, but what did he achieve in the past two decades on the helm of affairs of AIFF? Did he not feel ashamed in any way in his tenure for sad state of the sport? My take is if he had really loved the sport he would have quit long ago.

A change in guard is always a refreshing breather. But Praful Patel has presided as acting President and was Vice-president since long enough. Praful Patel for the sake of football in India should come out with his 'master plan' to make the popular sport a successful venture in India.

Give a guy a roll of paper and some space and few moments alone. Next thing you would see that
he has rolled the paper into a ball and is kicking it and dodging imaginary players and is smiling about kicking the ball in an imaginary goal post. The sport needs no introduction or need not be popularised. What needs to be popularised is that it is being managed well enough for people to take it as a career option.

Considering the 'good work' that Praful Patel has done with Air India, one can only hope that the breather that Praful Patel brings does not turn out to be a case of bad breath.

Monday, October 12, 2009

THIS IS IT! Michael Jacksons song recorded before his death


This is the video of the song THIS IS IT! recorded by Micheal Jackson just before he died.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Barrack Hussain Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize!!!

Surprising that Barrack Obama has got the Nobel prize for Peace. It is definitely over the top to give it to a person, who until now has not even been able to, get a fair majority to pass a bill about health care which will be in favour of the poor and needy of America. He has not served enough in his tenure to make significant impact.

He has merely mentioned to reduce the stockpiles of nuclear weapons.

In that case Atal Bihari Vajpayee should be given the Nobel Prize for Peace, since he was the one to declare as soon as India conducted the nuclear tests that India would support dismantling of all nuclear weapons in the world.

And Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not even send troops to other nations to continue to fight a fanatical war. He took the risk of releasing prisoners of national importance for the sake of a few hostages.

There would be many suggestions as to who deserved the Nobel Prize more, but one thing is sure Obama doesnt seem to be deserving it at least for now. His time would have come in future, for its no mean achievement to break the racial barriers and win the presidency.

But, What one does with power is more important than achieving it.

This will do more harm than good for Obama's PR. It will only add more pressure upon him in making policy decisions.

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS BARRACK HUSSAIN OBAMA on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Naxalism, Maoism - Biggest Internal Threat to India

Maoists behead a police officer Francis Induwar. Naxalism has given way to the more brutal and inhumane Maoism, which is Communism in its darker form.

It is true that it has breed due to the lack of development in rural India, but it is equally true that violence of any form cannot be ever justified. The 'liberated' areas are no better than when they had state apparatus working for them. It is a huge industry.

The people who support, supporters of killers, of people like Francis Induwar should be ashamed of themselves. This is no definition of being secular in any which way. In fact Naxalites should be brought into the mainstream as quick as possible or they will go the Babbar Khalsa way, where the ISI would be too gleefully rubbing its hands to help them carry more murders.

This calls for more reach within the villages, NREGA should be implemented without its current glitches. At least it would be a good start to wean out its short-comings.

Money should reach villagers, it will have direct effect upon the reach of Maoists. Rural India badly needs an alternative to Maoists.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I&B censored Nehru's relation with Edwina

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry is censoring the script of a film by a British filmmaker, Joe Wright, who wants to focus in his film on the intimate relationship that India’s first Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru, shared with Edwina Mountbatten.

The government has cut the script short and has asked the director to stick to an approved script. A govt. official will be present on the sets of the film to make sure the order is implemented.

This brings us to the question, if it is an insult to the legacy of Nehru that his private life is made public, then pity the party workers who think that his credit of building our nation is so fragile that it could crumble under weight of his personal choices.

Nehru's relationship was ensuing during the most tumultuous period in recent history of India. If anything it should only highlight his endurance to have built the nation under extreme emotional duress.

If India had been cut into pieces or had gone the Pakistan way, with a celibate sage at the helm, would the moral apologists be happy?

Every country be it Turkey or Pakistan has a legacy of haloing the personalities of their founding fathers. Information & Broadcasting Ministry is following the much traversed path of broadcasting information by withholding most part of it.