Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rupee gets new Symbol

New Rupee Symbol

Today heard that Rupee has got a new symbol as shown above.

A five-member jury chose IITian D Udaya Kumar’s design and forwarded it for Cabinet approval.

Kumar’s symbol represents the Devanagari ‘Ra’ and the Roman capital ‘R’ as visualized by the FM. “We intend to formalise a symbol for the Indian rupee which reflects and captures Indian ethos and culture,” Mukherjee said in his Budget speech this year.

As is the wont in India, with no other important and relevant issues to fight for, imagine a ruckus for not having a Dravidian 'Ra' representation. There are other languages, but most language chauvinists would not mind a Devanagari representation considering it closer to Sanskrit, the root of all Indian languages. The most opposition, if any at all ever comes, could come only from the Dravidian region.

Keeping in line with the demand, also cross-checking again the no. of MP's that UPA depends from Dravid land, a new symbol might be proposed as follows:

New symbol acceptable in Dravid Land

This covers 'Ra' in Roman, Dravidian and Devanagari. It takes a lot to make everyone happy and the symbol is open for further distortions(errr... improvements) from offended parties who have sizable no. of MP's in the parliament

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Truth about Paul, the Oracle Octopus!

Truth behind Paul, the psychic Oracle Octopus' accuracy in correctly predicting the results of 8 games out of 8 in the recently concluded FIFA Football World Cup 2010.

And you thought this is a psychic Octopus?

Are you consulting the neighbourhood Popatlal for your stock trading?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Vegetable Are You?
Spinach You are well accomplished in your field and are sufficiently secure and proud of your individuality. You think about alleviating the pain and sufferings of mankind. You wish that people who waste their time talking about Joel Stein raised their voices and acted against the banes of our society such as, illiteracy, hunger, poverty, war, torture, which are prevalent even after so much advancement in science and technology
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