Saturday, March 20, 2010

Maya's Malajaal

So Mayawati is again in the news and being derided by the national media for her Garland of Rs. 1000 notes. Such brazen display of wealth is shameful and dangerous for the country, especially to the impoverished economically and socially backward classes that she claims to be representing. She could very well be named Malawati after she accepted the second garland of Rs. 18 lakhs the next day.

The only poor or backward class in her Mega-garlanded Mega Rally, to mark 25 years of the Bahujan Samaj Party and 76th year of Kanshi Ram its founder's birth anniversary, were the audience who might have come from all parts of country for the free food, lodging and money paid to them. But something is wrong in this whole saga.

It is clear, that, the Congress is highlighting its competitors in bad light through immoral means by pursuing its agenda through a section of media.

I dont mean to support Maya or her janjaal or any politicians for that matter. Although cannot overlook the fact that, Congress backed by a section of media is desperate to get hold of UP, since it throws the maximum seats in LS, which means more power to them. First it was the SP now the BSP. Hence, the lapses by these parties were being highlighted diligently.

Congress' General Secretary and man in charge of Uttar Pradesh Digvijay Singh, who visited the houses of terrorists caught in the Batla House Encounter to offer condolences, put the figure of the amount on garland to Rs. 22 crores odd lakhs.

But think of it, IF it has to have 22 crores then it needs 220000 notes of Rs. 1000. This means even if we consider each note to weigh 1 gram - the threads tying them not being accounted - then the garland was weighing 220Kgs easily, held up by 4-5 arms.

This is Impossible! Congress is misleading the country.

I can dislike Maya for her blatant display of corruption, but it does not seem moral to charge her for propaganda spread in a biased form.

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