Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PM's security denies a patient entry to Hospital. Patient dies!!!

A man with kidney problems and renal failure died, due to overzealous security guards, during PM's visit for a function at a hospital in Chandigarh. The family had arrived to Chandigarh from Ambala 45 kms away and was turned around from entry points after entry points for 2 hours, since all routes were sealed for the PM's security.

The PM has written to the family of the deceased in Chandigarh, expressing his deep regret over the incident and has moved on! He might compensate monetarily and thats it. The next function he attends might snuff another life, we all move on. THANK YOU very much!

To avoid such a scenario, precautions could be taken. It is preposterous to believe that entry into a HOSPITAL is restricted since a VIP is arriving there! How can we celebrate success and anniversaries of Health centres, with this kind of attitude?

As much as the VIP's, the guards themselves too hate being grid-locked in traffic and would want to fly-past the lesser beings.

VIP cavalcades have caused lots of heartburns to the commoners over the years. There should be, to start with, a no-VIP time during the peak rush hours for the commuters. Say daily from 6 to 7 no traffic would be held up for any VIP.

VIP's can leave early or stay put in their offices for the duration. For extremely-urgent-immediate-attention-deserving-armageddon kinda events they can use helicopters. All of them bundled into one or two and leave.

Nothing more needs to be spoken upon the topic. Since there is actually NOTHING to debate about it. We have cultivated a VIP culture in our lives and we alone are responsible for it.

Cut the commandos to the VIP's and use them for better jobs. Its an insult to their ability to surround these VIP's.

After elections are over aam aadmi is expendable. He, unfortunately, becomes a JAAM aadmi.

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