Friday, October 9, 2009

Naxalism, Maoism - Biggest Internal Threat to India

Maoists behead a police officer Francis Induwar. Naxalism has given way to the more brutal and inhumane Maoism, which is Communism in its darker form.

It is true that it has breed due to the lack of development in rural India, but it is equally true that violence of any form cannot be ever justified. The 'liberated' areas are no better than when they had state apparatus working for them. It is a huge industry.

The people who support, supporters of killers, of people like Francis Induwar should be ashamed of themselves. This is no definition of being secular in any which way. In fact Naxalites should be brought into the mainstream as quick as possible or they will go the Babbar Khalsa way, where the ISI would be too gleefully rubbing its hands to help them carry more murders.

This calls for more reach within the villages, NREGA should be implemented without its current glitches. At least it would be a good start to wean out its short-comings.

Money should reach villagers, it will have direct effect upon the reach of Maoists. Rural India badly needs an alternative to Maoists.

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