Thursday, September 17, 2009

Congressie obsession with trivial issues - Shashi Tharoor

Congress is whipping its technocrat-turned-politician super diplomat Shashi Tharoor. The whipping is not due to some faulty policy decision or a governance related issue. Instead this time he is being held responsible of insensitivity towards the party diktat of austerity. His tweet which was in a response to a fellow bloggers question whether he will join the austerity drive was "Yes, I will travel cattle class in solidarity with the holy cows."

Some think the holy cow was Rahul Baba. So Jayanti Natarajan lambasted Tharoor as being insensitive. Tharoor had a problem with his tweeting earlier too, when a circular had asked government employees to not use internet from their offices. Security threat you see?

I wonder why the neta's are so paranoid about Tharoor tweeting that they are out to "out-tweet" him.

Shashi Tharoor's tweet does display his arrogance or in a way shows that he considers himself to be above the 'cattle class' It might have been an unintentional or misunderstood tweet. The limitations of 140 character speeches and brevity, one could say.
Congress on the other hand can only trip over by blowing this non-issue into a national debate. This speaks of the push-pull politics within the Congress too where in a technocrat is fawned upon by the seasoned neta's who have toiled hard in a different manner than Tharoor or Montek or Nandan.
This trivial issue has brought into focus the sameness in the difference between BJP and Congress. What a paradox :)


  1. Shashi was bought by the Congress in return for supporting his failed run for the UN Secretary General's post. While he still has some of his old pluck, it won't be long before he completes his transformation into yet another 10 Janpath bootlicker....

  2. Thanks yigalite.

    Its just a matter of time. Rightly said!