Thursday, May 21, 2009

RACISM IN AUSTRALIA!!! Update7 Attacks now seem like a backlash

Seven youth brutally attacked Indian student Sourabh Sharma, on a late night Werribee train and took "delight" in what they were doing, according to police.

Sourabh Sharma

These are a few images caught on CCTV in a train in Victoria State, Australia. The CCTV footage shows a group of guys beating up Sourabh Sharma. The recording of the bashing makes it clear, that the assault was unprovoked and thoroughly mischievious on the part of the group that thrashed the hapless student.

The complete CCTV footage is available here.

The footage shows Sharma, 21, being repeatedly punched and kicked in the head by the gang, who stole his phone and backpack containing $650.

The Federation of Indian Students of Australia say they know of 60 serious assaults in Melbourne in a few years. Many go unreported.

Update -1: There has been another case, where in, four students from Andhra Pradesh have been thrashed in a racist attack in Melbourne.

The students, who were bashed up in the racial attack, were away to the hospital when more horrifying situations unfolded. Unknown intruders broke into their houses and stole everything available. "They have no clothes or anything left in the house and the students are really feeling insecure and unsafe," said Gautam Gupta, President of the Federation of Indian student Association (FISA).

Meanwhile, the condition of the 25-year old Shravan Kumar, who is fighting for life in a hospital, remains critical and doctors are "not very optimistic" about chances of his recovery.


Another Indian student Baljinder Singh, 25 was attacked on Monday night when two men carrying weapons approached.

The attackers demanded money and as Singh was searching through his bag to hand over his wallet he was stabbed in the abdomen. Singh screamed for his life, his attackers laughed and fled the scene.

"I bent down and one guy stabbed me," Singh said adding "I just wanted to save my life and yelled "just don't kill me." "They just laughed when they stabbed me in the stomach. They laughed at me...I was screaming 'don't kill me, don't kill me'."

Now, it seems that the news of the attacks is spreading around and there are oppurtunistic attacks against Indians in particular.


The attacks have now reached increasingly alarming proportion. A fresh attack has been reported upon an Indian student Rajesh Kumar.

Rajeshkumar, age 25, suffered burns after a suspected petrol bomb was hurled at him in his home in Sydney. Rajesh Kumar was quickly covered by a blanket by his flatmate after the attack yesterday, an act which saved him from further injuries.

The ghastly attack took place when Rajesh Kumar was sitting on his bed in the front room of his rented house. An unknown person reportedly threw a small petrol bomb through his window. The explosion and the ensuing fire burned 30 percent of Kumar's body.

Another student Baljinder Singh, stabbed by two attackers early this week, has been released from hospital today.$All/727FC4DC54228872652575C5001A6942?OpenDocument


Five teenagers have been charged for two separate attacks on Indian students in Melbourne.

A 17-year-old male from Glenroy was charged with attempted murder over the attack with a screwdriver - by gatecrashers at a party in Hadfield, in Melbourne's north, on Saturday night -upon 25-year-old Sravan Kumar Theerthala who is battling for his life. An 18-year-old man from Heidelberg West was also questioned in relation to the attack, but has since been released.

The police have also charged four minors from Melbourne's west over the brutal bashing of Sourabh .

The teenagers have been charged with offences including affray, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury and robbery. However, Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said there was no indication that a rise in assaults and robberies against Indian students in Melbourne's west was due to "race hate".

He said there was a perception that Indian people were weak prey for criminals. "We think they are vulnerable, we don't think it's racial, we think they are a weak target," Walshe told The Herald Sun.

Update 5 -:

Shravan kumar seems to be out of danger now and has moved his limbs. But, Doctors are unsure of his complete recovery.

Update - 6:

The spate of attacks on Indian students continued, when Nardeep Singh a student from Ludhiana who arrived to Australia just a month ago was attacked on Tuesday morning by miscreants when he was on his way to college. He is a nursing student at the Chisholm Technical Institute, Melbourne.

The group of 5 people reportedly asked him for cigarettes and when he said that he did not have any, they asked for money and on again being refused, one attacker stabbed him in the chest. He managed to escape and reported to a Police Station.

Nardeep's friend said that he was bleeding excessively and is being treated in Melbourne Hospital.

Update - 7 : Now, this is seeming like an extended backlash from the White-Supremacists or the opportune thugs. Attacks on Indians are just increasing by the day and with all round media coverage, the effect is just being magnified.

A 23-year-old Indian student was beaten up for the second time in a fortnight by a group of youths in Melbourne, the 11th person from the community to be assaulted within a space of a month in Australia. Another students car had been torched by drug-addicts reportedly late Saturday night.


  1. Fuckin sick basturds are every were mate. It happens a lot over here in sydney. Did you make a police complaint. Wat were you been advised.. let us know as well.

  2. Hi Armaan,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. Am sorry for replying late to you. As my update shows there have been fresh attacks upon Indian students.

    Apparently, in Sourabh's case the gang had asked for a cigarette from him and thrashed him after being denied. The Victoria Police Department is pursuing the case.

  3. Hi, what the Govt is doing there. Just wanna lecture all over the world and c what is down under, Christian charity???

  4. Hi, its all over the news now.

    Indian govt has started reacting.

    Hopr they get some sense.

  5. The attacks are being termed as 'opportunistic, petty-crimes and what not... but yeah they would not be termed as racial' coz that puts lots of pressure on the Australian Govt. internationally.

    If Racism is not opportunistic, criminal and with an intention to harm then what else is it?

  6. why indian student come on the road to react for racism like chinese & other asian student.
    are we weak to protect ourself.
    indian goverment seems least concern about the situation..